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5 Martha’s Vineyard Fun Activity’s For Kids

South of Cape Cod

Martha’s Vineyard  vacations, we seldom see pictures of active children enjoying vacation actives with mom and dad. But, that is just what you will find. Martha’s Vineyard isn’t just for adults anymore. 

Martha's vineyard


To clarify, younger children will feel right at home. As a matter of fact, watching the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean from the lawn of Winnetu. Or, take your kids for a ride on an authentic 1940’s era fire truck.

Martha's vineyard for kids

Martha’s Vineyard Fun

While mom and dad explore the galleries, your kids will have a blast. Especially  and the catered to at one of the many programs designed just for them. Specifically, the sports clinics just for kids is a hit  and the arts programs. Martha’s Vineyard has something to engage and thrill just about every child.

Martha's vineyard

The Farm

First, second, and third, On the Island children can even become aFarmer For a Day on a self- sustainable farm. As a matter of fact, Kids get to tend to the crops. And even care for the animals andattend witness an animal birth. If mom or dad says it’s okay. TheFarm Institute also runs a week- long farm camp for children four years and up. 

Martha's Vineyard Farm

On the positive side, your teens might enjoy having their own personal trainer. Or, maybe, biking paths and kayaking are more their style. Weather permitting, teens will enjoy gathering on the beaches, lounging by one of three pools, or engaging in a game of life-sized chess.

Not For Teens


Generally speaking, no teen hang out would be complete without getting together, movies and video games. Boat lovers will enjoy watching model boats racing their way around the turtle pond.There’s even a short history lesson as steamboats show adults and children alike the early bouts of The Vineyard.

To sum up six mornings a week, mom and dad can take a private stroll. As the children enjoy a morning of supervised play.

Martha’s Vineyard may be known as the place for a romantic getaway. But parents don’t have to leave the kids at home to enjoy all cape cod  has to offer.

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