Swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove, Florida


Swim with Dolphins adventurous family vacations you don’t want to miss. As a matter of fact, now it’s time for bonding and memory building with your love ones. A moment when dreams of tropical locations, or one in a lifetime opportunity. Forget the challenges focus on how you have overcome. To put it another way now is the time for fun and enjoyment. Given, all the excitement and admittedly we did not want to miss out

Swim with Dolphins

All that is possible at Discovery Cove, Orlando, FloridaSimultaneously, situated beside the more typical theme park of SeaWorld, in Orlando, this isn’t a cheap excursion, nor is it a park full of rides, shows and tours. As a matter of fact Flordia has beautiful sea lives and breath taken beaches. Nevertheless, and specifically the family came together to experience swimming with the dolphin’s. It was  an unforgettable experience. 

Swim with Dolphins

Swim with Dolphins

Subsequently, our favorite adventure. Swimming, a little birdwatching, not to mention friendly people. Primarily swimming with dolphins is the focus that draws families from all walk of life to the cove. Most importantly, a different contrast to the larger parks is that at Discovery Coves. Visitors are put into small groups, each with its own staff member to lead it around the park. There’s an age limit to the dolphin swim. 

Swim with Dolphins

Swim with Dolphins 

So if you have children under six years old you will need to consider that before deciding on a visit to this parkCritically “housekeeping” tip is that trips to Discovery Cove must be pre-booked, and lunch is included – as is all of the equipment hire such as wet suit, snorkel and even a towel if required. In fact, being taught how to communicate with the dolphins. And being allowed to swim with them in your small group.


Swim with Dolphins


We spend the rest of the day laid-back just enjoying the colorful birds. Exotic birds in nature fly over beautiful beaches on the propertyAlso together snorkeling off the various reefs packed with marine lifeAnd, exploring hidden grottos.

Swim with Dolphins

Also, it is an unforgettable, affordable family experience that you will remember during challenging periods in your life.  We wanted to focus  just for a moment the good fun times we as a family was there at  the discovery cove swimming with the dolphins.

Swim with Dolphins

First, second, third it was so interested training, working with these sociable intelligent seahorse. If you want to experience more about the dolphins. For instant a Trainer for a Day program. Important to know only a limited number of visitors is chosen. Unfortunately the ones who are on the program list.  Most importantly,  sign up early.

In addition, this will allowed you to build a closer connection with the animals. And cherish memories working alongside the staff & dolphins.
Discovery Cove may be missing the wilder exhibits that its centrally located neighboring theme parks are noted for. Finally, in conclusion, it is definitely more than makes up for this in terms of sheer magic, beauty and wildlife. By the same token this trip got the household laughing and planning for the next family vacation again. Stay .

5 Martha’s Vineyard Fun Activity’s For Kids

South of Cape Cod

Martha’s Vineyard  vacations, we seldom see pictures of active children enjoying vacation actives with mom and dad. But, that is just what you will find. Martha’s Vineyard isn’t just for adults anymore. 

Martha's vineyard


To clarify, younger children will feel right at home. As a matter of fact, watching the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean from the lawn of Winnetu. Or, take your kids for a ride on an authentic 1940’s era fire truck.

Martha's vineyard for kids

Martha’s Vineyard Fun

While mom and dad explore the galleries, your kids will have a blast. Especially  and the catered to at one of the many programs designed just for them. Specifically, the sports clinics just for kids is a hit  and the arts programs. Martha’s Vineyard has something to engage and thrill just about every child.

Martha's vineyard

The Farm

First, second, and third, On the Island children can even become aFarmer For a Day on a self- sustainable farm. As a matter of fact, Kids get to tend to the crops. And even care for the animals andattend witness an animal birth. If mom or dad says it’s okay. TheFarm Institute also runs a week- long farm camp for children four years and up. 

Martha's Vineyard Farm

On the positive side, your teens might enjoy having their own personal trainer. Or, maybe, biking paths and kayaking are more their style. Weather permitting, teens will enjoy gathering on the beaches, lounging by one of three pools, or engaging in a game of life-sized chess.

Not For Teens


Generally speaking, no teen hang out would be complete without getting together, movies and video games. Boat lovers will enjoy watching model boats racing their way around the turtle pond.There’s even a short history lesson as steamboats show adults and children alike the early bouts of The Vineyard.

To sum up six mornings a week, mom and dad can take a private stroll. As the children enjoy a morning of supervised play.

Martha’s Vineyard may be known as the place for a romantic getaway. But parents don’t have to leave the kids at home to enjoy all cape cod  has to offer.

Paradise Is Jamaica not just a little


 Paradise Is Jamaica, If you want to visit the Caribbean, there are a plethora of wonderful destinations to choose from. In fact, Jamaica, on the other hand, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.  Jamaica is only about a hundred and fifty  miles long and fifty miles wide. But it is mighty in the world of tourism, and it is the third largest island in the Caribbean.

Paradise is Jamaica

Not to mention it is located less than hundred  miles south of Cuba. And slightly more than miles from Hispaniola. Uniquely, the island  not far from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It was formerly a Spanish possession and, later, a British possession, but it is now its own independent  island.

Paradise is Jamaica

On the contrary despite its small size.  Jamaica has had a significant cultural impact on the rest of the world. Reggae, ska, dancehall, are just a few of the many musical genres that have their roots vested in Jamaica.

Paradise is Jamaica

Important to realize, Jamaican immigrant population is  responsible for rhythm music.  In the United Kingdom and hip-hop in the United States. Jamaica was also the birthplace of the Rastafari movement.

Paradise is Jamaica

The first things to remember, when you visit the Island. Get the tour and  participate in a variety of cultural activities. To repeat,  like most other Caribbean islands, Jamaica has a number  of beautiful beaches.  A true tropical island paradise. You can take diving, parasailing, boating, swimming, snorkeling, jet and water skiing, and surfing lessons while you are  there.


We the people-Paradise is Jamaica

Fishing activities is also very popular on the Island and you can see a variety of great plants and animals. When the sun goes down and the kids are asleep. Jamaica’s nightlife is also fantastic for those who don’t want to spend their time in the sun. You can spend the night dancing the night away. Or if prefer in a variety of clubs. Or sample some of the local drinks.


Paradise is Jamaica

Restaurants serve both foreign and cultural cuisine, and shopping is ideal for tourists looking for a wide range of souvenirs to take home. If you want to go to Jamaica on your next family vacation, you can fly there or take a cruise through the Caribbean islands.

Jamaica Is the little Paradise

with your airport to see what kind of travel paperwork is required to visit Jamaica from your country, and be prepared to experience this fun island culture by reading up on all of the things you can see and do while there. Paradise is Jamaica friendliest people and you can create your ownlittle island paradise. At a reasonable cost. The vacation is well worth planning. Why abandon the children? Oh, one more thing is be safe.

Travel Coronavirus in this Crisis Time is Cautious


Travel coronavirus once again the entire world has come to a halt.  In fact, because of the crisis cases at the moment. To put it another way, everyone is affected. Especially those globetrotters, frequent flyers, vacationers, and pilgrims.


WHAT IS Travel coronavirus

On the positive side, the virus has infected every continent except Antarctica. First, second, third, this alone demonstrates the magnitude of its spread. Which is thought to have originated in China’s food markets in Wuhan. Over more than one million confirmed cases have been reported worldwide.

Travel Coronavirus

Travel coronavirus


Spread Once it enters the body….

Consequently, when this coronavirus comes in contact with your body. It moves through your nasal passages and then to the respiratory tract. As a result, causing infection in your lungs. As well as other organs depending on its severity. It has an incubation period ranging from two to fourteen days.


  • Low to high fever
  • Continuous cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • Body ache

Travel coronavirus 

Unfortunately, As of now, no specific medicine or vaccination has been developed. When it comes to whether it’s curable or life-threatening. To clarify, this depends on a variety of factors. This disease is claim to be curable in the case of healthy adults and kids.

Travel Coronavirus

Travel coronavirus

Point often overlooked, the recommended way to decrease spread of virus. Is  social distancing.  With attention to limiting your interaction with people. As a matter of fact, following strict practices.  So here are a few things. Which you should consider in order to protect yourself from this disease.

  • Make sure that you wash your hands using any soap and warm water. At least 20 seconds.
  • Used hand santizers, If you’re not able to wash your hands.
  • Avoid touching your face, nose and mouth with your dirty hands.
  • Maintain a distance of at least six feet. When you speak or interact with other people.
  • Skip any kind of physical contact such as hugs, handshakes, kisses, especially when you greet someone.
  • Wear mask and a pair of hand gloves when you step outside.
  • It’s advisable not to share your personal items with anyone.
  • Eat healthy and opt for foods that would help to boost your immunity. Avoid outside food as much as possible.
  • If you’ve any kind of flu like symptoms or discomfort.  Self-quarantine or isolate from others.
  • If the condition becomes worse, get medical assistance immediately.


Travel coronavirus

If you have an upcoming travel that is unavoidable. Be sure to make a thorough research to ensure that it’s safe to travel. Before you apply for an international visa.

Moreover,  It’s also wise to check if your airline. The accommodation service provider if they offers any help. Or special fee waiver policy in the event you’ve to cancel.

Travel Coronavirus

Travel coronavirus 

Amidst all chaos, and fears about the pandemic.

  • The number of new cases has begun to decline in the place of its origin: Effective preventive measures.
  • Nature is at its blissful best: No vehicles in the land, water or air. this has significantly reduced the carbon emissions. Allowing the nature to breathe, heal itself and of course thrive.
  • The iconic, always-packed landmarks look even better and more peaceful: Take Venice’s canals, Paris’ Eiffel Tower, California’s Disneyland Resort, Dubai’s traditional souks, or the Roman Colosseum – they all are now deserted but absolutely pollution-free and seem to appear more exquisite in their tranquil version.
Travel coronavirus

In short, missing travel? Then these following suggestions would help your love for travel and wanderlust intact.

  • Make a virtual travel to a country. Or experience a new culture by reading some of the best travel books. Such as:  On the Road (Jack Kerouac), Seven Years in Tibet (Heinrich Harrer), The Beach (Alex Garland), Into the Wild (Jon Krakauer), and Vagabonding (Rolf Potts)
  • Try new hobbies or brush up your long-forgotten skills. Practicing music , Yoga, or cooking innovative dishes. Why not learn a new language. Which may prove helpful to your upcoming travel.
  • Some of the world’s most celebrated museums, and galleries have no virtual tours. You can now discover in-depth from the comfort of your home.

Travel Coronavirus

While it seems wise to put off all your travel plans. Given these points, wait until you feel right. For the most part, don’t stop yourself from planning, and updating your travel wish-list or bucket-list. Definitely, your absolute best of this time to de-stress.  De-clutter all negativities from your life. Prepared yourself to get back to the new normal life more refreshed yet sensible.

▷Tribute Lights in NYC | Where to go see 9/11


Tribute lights: Being in New York on 9/11 is very emotional. On the night of each anniversary, two giant beams of light are projected into the sky to commemorate the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. We’ll let you know what exactly Tribute in Light is, when it takes place, and where you should go to see it?

tribute in light

Tribute Lights

So far the lights are  a commemorative, giant light installation that pays tribute to all victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. It consists of two beams of light that are projected into the sky from a place close to Ground Zero.

Unfortunately, they are not emerging from the two reflecting pools as many would assume. Instead, the lights are projected from a parking garage near Ground Zero (Battery Park Garage at 70 Greenwich St).

Tribute lights

A total of 88 lightbulbs (44 each) are used to create the beams, which resemble the two Twin Towers.

First planned as a one-time event exactly six months after the September 11 attacks, Tribute in Light is now an annual event. It has become a symbol that represents the unbreakable spirit of New York.

When to see Tribute in Light

tribute in light nyc

Tribute Lights

Important to realize, as mentioned, Tribute in Light is an annual event. It takes place on the night of September 11 and stays lit from sunset through the morning of September 12. You’ll have the best visibility when it’s completely dark outside. Expect a sunset in New York in September around 7:15 pm.

Tribute lights

The National 9/11 Memorial itself will be closed in the morning, with ceremonies. It typically opens to the public from 3 pm until midnight.

After Tribute In Light was first canceled due to COVID concerns, the light was turned back on by Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio. Tribute in Light will take place in 2020.

The best places to see Tribute in Light

tribute in light seen from brooklyn

Tribute Lights In the city

If you want to experience Tribute in Light in person, the best place to take in the view and take photos is not necessarily from the National September 11 Memorial. The beams are projected from Battery Parking Garage and not the two Memorial pools as many might assume.

The Parking Garage is located south of Ground Zero. While you won’t have the best views from the 9/11 Memorial, it is nevertheless the most meaningful place to be that night.

Finally, the two beams reach up to four miles into the sky. 60-miles radius around the area, making them easy to spot from a distance. In fact, the view from the distance is the more aesthetic one. From outside of Manhattan, let’s say the New Jersey waterfront, you will get a perfect view of the skyline. The two beams echo the twin towers.